Sunday, February 19, 2017

Three Academic Sources

 "The Influence Of Romantic Partners On Women In STEM Majors." - This piece points out that common reasons for the under representation of woman in STEM majors is that those jobs are commonly incompatible with their traditionally feminine roles such as helping others and maintaining a marriage and family. This article speaks about a study of woman STEM majors and their romantic partners.

"Attrition of Women in STEM: Examining Job/Major Congruence in the Career Choices of College Graduates"- This article measures the value in pursuing job options that match up with students college majors. It speaks about how their is a low percentage of woman in STEM majors and major inequality in STEM careers starting immediately after college.

"It's Not My Party: A Critical Analysis of Women and Minority Opposition towards STEM"- a deeper analysis of why woman are under represented in STEM majors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Scouting The Territory

My topic remains college major choices, specifically for woman(maybe in STEM) and how they correlate with woman in the workplace. In Google  I searched college major choice for women, women and STEM majors, and college major gender gap. All three of these issues seem to be thoroughly discussed online. A scholarly article tittles Woman in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation ( seems to be an important scholarly article because it discusses the under representation of woman in STEM majors.
 It seems important to discuss that although woman majoring in STEM is increasing, they are still under represented in these majors despite the fact that they make up nearly half the college educated work force. - I think this article is important because it argues that the college major gender gap is mainly due to difference in preference and tastes and not becomes of under confidence in women. - This article is interesting because it points out that it wouldn't just be helpful to woman but also to society as a whole to have more girls and woman in STEM fields.
It seems to be agreed that their is a gender gap in major choice and woman are under represented in STEM majors.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Initial Topic Idea

For my research paper I plan to research college major choices. Specifically I would like to research the difference in major choices of men and women (and if it connects with gender separation in the workplace). I am also interested in researching women and STEM majors.